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Upper Bushing

Product information Upper Bushing
Product number: BUSHUP-25x28x7

During factory assembly upper bushings in every single REVIVE, REVIVE MAX and DIVINE are precision-calibrated with a special tool. Our official service centers have access to these tools. Replacement at home can (but does not have to) lead to increased friction between tubes. To achieve best results and proper fit, we therefore recommend replacing the upper bushing in one of the mentioned posts only at our service centres.


dimensions in mm ID x OD x H
  • 22x24x7:
    REVIVE 272
  • 25x27x7:
    REVIVE 1.0 30.9/31.6
    REVIVE 2.0 30.9/31.6
    REVIVE 3.0 30.9/31.6
    DIVINE SL und Rascal (neue Generationen)*
  • 25x28x7:
    DIVINE SL and Rascal (older generations)
  • 28x30x7:
    REVIVE MAX 1.0 34.9
    REVIVE MAX 2.0 34.9
    REVIVE MAX 3.0 34.9  
* The DIVINE SL and Rascal can contain two bushing sizes, depending on the post generation. Earlier models use 25x28x7mm busihngs, newer ones use 25x27x7mm bushings.
You can identify the correct version for your post via serial number and our 
service kit guide.
The serial number can be found on the lower tube of the seatpost.


  • 1x upper DU-bushing