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Product information Topper
Product number: TOPP-BLK

Just an extremely good looking feather-light full aluminum headset topcap made in one piece. Laser engraved and anodized in different colors for a classy matt/glossy finish.

Product information:

  • Thread: Standard M6 (star nut standard)
  • Weight: 5g

Nice to have Cockpit

Aimy is a small but extremely useful little helper that makes working on your bike easier in two ways.Basically, it is just a spacer that is clamped around the steering tube of the fork. However, the highlight is that it also solves a known problem and prevents the fork from slipping out of the frame when stem and handlebars are removed from the bike.Another idea behind Aimy is the ability to align the stem if the handlebars have distorted after a crash or impact. Since Aimy stays in place, the clamping slot can be used as reference to realign the stem again.The prerequisite is, of course, that one surface of the clamping slot of Aimy and the corresponding side of the clamping slot of the stem are aligned with each other when installing.Product information:Weight: 8gHeight: 8mmSuitable steering tube diameter: 1 1/8"Production: CNC milled and laser engraved

A great look and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio are the main features of our Barkeeper stem.This fact is also due to the complex production of this high-quality masterpiece, which requires much effort and precision and involves various demanding tasks, such asprecise forging processMulti-temperingCNC machining of cristical contact interfacesShot peening for surface hardeningLaser engravingblack or transparent (RFF - Raw Forged Finish) anodized coating In collaboration with the reputable German testing institute EFBE, the Barkeeper not only fulfilled the requirements of the highest Category 5 but, but in some cases significantly exceeded them. This guarantees unrestricted and carefree use on “Trail” and “Enduro” bikes.Specs:Rise: 0°Stack height: 40mmClamping width: 50mmCompatible steerer tubes: 1 1/8"Compatible handlebar diameter: 35mm clampingUsage Cassification: Category 5 after ASTM F2043-13 or DIN EN 17406:2021 for handlebars up to 800mm widthMaterial: Aluminum Al-7075, multi-teperedWeights (titanium / steel bolts):35mm length:   80g   /   86g45mm length:   90g   /   96g55mm length: 106g   /  112g1 set Barkeeper stem includes:1x stem1x set bolts + washers (steell)1x installation aid (wedge)2x installation screwoptional accessories:1x pair of 31.8 reducer sleeves1x set Ti-bolts T25 (black coated)1x Aimy (steerer clamp)1x Topper (headset topcap)Important Information:Due to the one-piece design of the stem, this stem is extremely light and stable, but unfortunately not compatible with all handlebar types, which we have deliberately taken into account.It is difficult to specify compatibility based on Rise alone, as the shape and bend of the handlebar also must be taken into accountAlthough handlebars with 35 mm Rise have been successfully tested, this does not automatically mean that they are generally compatible with our Barkeeper. However, we assume that the majority of handlebars with a rise of up to 30mm should fit.On the "compatible Handlebars" tab, you'll find a list maintained and updated to the best of our knowledge. This list is not binding and is for reference only. If you have successfully installed a handlebar, kindly inform us to include it in the list.Please make sure to follow the installation instructions in the manual!

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Barkeeper 31.8 Reducer Sleeves
These reducers allow the use of handlebars with 31.8mm clamping diameter in our Barkeeper stem, which is originally designed for 35mm handlebars.Attention:These sleeves were specifically designed for the BikeYoke Barkeeper stem. Other stems were not checked for compatibility.Weight: 19g/pairStem not included in scope of delivery!

It would be overstating to say that we have developed the ultimate bike grip, as there are too many individual preferences that need to be taken into account in order to develop THE perfect grip. Nevertheless, we have thought intensively about improvements and possibly innovative approaches that have not yet been realized in a similar way.Eccentric designThe grip's rubber is eccentrically connected to the inner sleeve, which allows us to increase the cushioning on the palm side without increasing the diameter of the grip.Honeycomb structureOur Grippy grips are characterized by a honeycomb-like surface structure which, in combination with the selected material, is not only particularly robust, but also reduces wear without losing the outstanding damping qualities.Cut-out for additional paddingTo increase the damping on the outside of the grip, we have cut out the inner sleeve. As a result, the rubber extends to the diameter of the handlebar, which creates additional comfort where you need it.Integrated end capGrips often have to withstand contact with the ground or trees, so reliable side protection is crucial. That is why we have firmly integrated the end cap of the Grippy into the inner sleeve structure. The slightly widening diameter of the end cap also provides feedback about the end of the grip.Product information:Weight: 113g/pairLength: 140mmOuter diameter : 31mmCompatible handlebar diameter: 22.2mmClamp color: titanium grey anodizedMaterial grip rubber: TPRMaterial inner sleeve: NylonMaterial clamp: Aluminum, forged

I-Spec B Adapter
This adapter allows you to mount our Triggys directly to a Shimano brake lever, which features an I-Spec-B standard and thus save a clamp on the handlebar.This provides a clean cockpit and a fantastic look.Moreover, many other remotes and shifters that offer a SRAM Matchmaker Standard can be combined with the I-Spec adapters (see compatibility).I-Spec B adapters have a flip-flop design and can be mounted on the left or right side.

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