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Our Triggy stands out for its high functionality and premium manufacturing and is compatible with all cable-actuated seatposts available in the market.In addition to an excellent price-performance ratio, we have focused on ergonomic design and a smooth actuating feel. The Triggy is completely play-free and ensures reliable and smooth actuation of your dropper seatpost.Another highlight is that you can either clamp the cable to the Triggy or attach the cable nipple as needed.Furthermore the SRAM Matchmaker standard (MMX) of the Triggy also allows direct mounting on your brake lever. However, this requires the use of a suitable adapter, such as our I-Spec adapter for Shimano brake levers.Features:Extremely light (24g without clamp) Made from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminium, black anodized with laser-engraved finishSRAM Matchmaker standard (MMX)High-quality manufacturing and designVarious threaded holes for adjusting the lever positionIntegrated cable tensioner Maximumcable pull 12.5 mm Scope of delivery:1x Remote lever unit (black anodized and laser engraved aluminum body and lever with cable tension adjuster) 1x Shift cable 1x Shift cable endcap 1x Splits-clamp or I-Spec adapter (optional)

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Triggy Alpha
With the Triggy Alpha, we are setting new standards for seat post remote levers, as it has been developed to meet the highest demands. After our Triggy has enjoyed great popularity on the market for several years and has also proven itself in the World Cup among many test pilots and professional athletes, the Triggy Alpha now raises the bar even higher.As well as two different lever lengths, the lever can also be rotated by 360 degrees, making it even easier to achieve the perfect position. And to eliminate any remaining resistance and make actuation even smoother, a high-quality stainless steel ball bearing is fitted to the lever.Furthermore the SRAM Matchmaker standard (MMX) of the Triggy also allows direct mounting on your brake lever. However, this requires the use of a suitable adapter, such as our I-Spec adapter for Shimano brake levers.Features:ball bearings angle-adjustable paddleblack anodized aluminium body and levertwo different lever lengths*two mounting thread positionsintegrated cable tensionerSRAM Matchmaker standard (MMX)New cable clamp for compatibility with all cable seatpostsLow weight: 32g/34g (short/long)Maximum cable travel: 11 mm*The "short" version uses the exact same and proven lever geometry of our original Triggy.*The "long" version extends the paddle by 7mm and reduces the operating forces by approx. 15%.Scope of delivery:1x Triggy Alpha remote (short or long)1x shift cable1x wire endcap1x BikeYoke Splits-clamp or I-Spec adapter (optional)

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Our 2X-Remote is used when you do not have the option of mounting a Triggy below your left brake lever due to a lock-out remote for your suspension or because of a shifter. Thanks to its clever clip-on design, it can be easily clipped over the handlebars without having to remove the grips or brake-levers. Its flip-flop design also allows many different mounting options, either to the right or left side of the handlebars. The clamp body is made of a special polymer and aluminum, while the paddle is made of 100% 6061 aluminum. And to give your bike a stylish look, the lever has a nice protective anodized surface and a fine black BikeYoke branding.The 2X lever is compatible with all cable-operated seat posts available on the market and has a 10 mm cable pull.   Scope of delivery: 1x 2X remote lever 1x shift cable 1x shift cable end cap 1x cable clamp

REVIVE / MAX / DIVINE - dropper cable set Premium
New friction-optimized premium cable set for cable-operated seatposts.The new cable-wire combination with a 3 mm outer housing and a 0.9 mm wire allows for easier routing through the frame. Moreover, the significantly lower friction between the outer housing and the inner cable ensures even smoother actuation of the seatpost, which is particularly beneficial in case of tight loops/radii (e.g. when routing the cable through the headset).The Premium seat post cable set can be used with all standard cable-operated seatposts.Note: The cable set is not suitable for use as a shift cable.Includes:1x Inner cable, stainless steel, polished and coated, 1800mm (diameter 0.9 mm) 1x Outer housing 1600mm (diameter 3 mm) 2x End cap for outer housing 1x Crimp end cap for inner cable Fits:  REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0 / REVIVE 3.0REVIVE MAX / REVIVE MAX 2.0 / REVIVE MAX 3.0DIVINE