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Sagma Carbon

Product information Sagma Carbon
Product number: SAG-C-130-OR

Our SAGMA saddle is the result of numerous innovative technologies. The high-tech seat foam of our specially developed *idbeads™ and the unique rails-suspension-design (shock-absorber) ensure excellent comfort, which is especially noticeable on long bike days. In addition, we use an extremely durable PU skin material as cover, which also makes it easy to clean the saddle after a muddy ride.

Its innovative and compact design ensures excellent maneuverability, which has a positive effect on uphill and especially downhill riding.

The SAGMA saddle is extremely versatile and its unique characteristics are by no means limited to certain bike categories. Whether on a gravel bike or on demanding enduro tracks - it's a winner.

SAGMA features:

  • Rail Suspension Design
  • *idbeads™ foam technology with Low-Speed Rebound suspension/damping
  • PU-Skin Cover/Upper covering
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced saddle shell
  • Carbon saddle rails 7x10 mm (high oval)

SAGMA Carbon weights:

  • 130mm: 205g
  • 142mm: 210g

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x SAGMA saddle with 2x "regular" dampers (pre-assembled)
  • 1x "soft" damper
  • 1x "hard" damper
  • 1x BikeYoke sticker
*The idbeads™ high-tech foam used is a completely new material that uniquely combines excellent damping properties with adaptability and low rebound characteristics. Unlike other high-tech foams, our foam does not bounce back quickly, but provides controlled damping. As a result, it adapts to your buttocks and only bounces back slowly - similar to the principle of memory foam, but with a lower specific weight.