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Topper High
Our extremely good-looking, feather-light all-aluminum headset topcap is now also available in a high version. It is made from one piece and has an integrated 5 mm spacer. Laser engraved and anodized in different colors for a classy matt/glossy finish.

Aimy is a small but extremely useful little helper that makes working on your bike easier in two ways.Basically, it is just a spacer that is clamped around the steering tube of the fork. However, the highlight is that it also solves a known problem and prevents the fork from slipping out of the frame when stem and handlebars are removed from the bike.Another idea behind Aimy is the ability to align the stem if the handlebars have distorted after a crash or impact. Since Aimy stays in place, the clamping slot can be used as reference to realign the stem again.The prerequisite is, of course, that one surface of the clamping slot of Aimy and the corresponding side of the clamping slot of the stem are aligned with each other when installing.Product information:Weight: 8gHeight: 8mmSuitable steering tube diameter: 1 1/8"Production: CNC milled and laser engraved

Just an extremely good looking feather-light full aluminum headset topcap made in one piece. Laser engraved and anodized in different colors for a classy matt/glossy finish.Product information:Thread: Standard M6 (star nut standard)Weight: 5g

Barkeeper 31.8 Reducer Sleeves
These reducers allow the use of handlebars with 31.8mm clamping diameter in our Barkeeper stem, which is originally designed for 35mm handlebars.Attention:These sleeves were specifically designed for the BikeYoke Barkeeper stem. Other stems were not checked for compatibility.Weight: 19g/pairStem not included in scope of delivery!