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REVIVE 272 - connector kit
Includes:1x special outer housing endcap for DIVINE SL/Rascal/Revive2721x actuating plunger1x connector nut Revive2721x preload spring

Dropper Goo - suspension grease - 30ml
Multi-purpose grease for vario-seatposts, suspension forks and shocks.The special additives help to prevent corrosion when used regularly and keeps seals and wipers supple.We use this grease in our production, and it is suitable for all BikeYoke seat posts.Quantity:30ml (sufficient for about 5 services)Scope of delivery:1x BikeYoke Dropper Goo

Sanguine - dropper fluid - 250ml
BikeYoke Sanguine is designed specifically for the use in BikeYoke seat posts.The formula reduces friction, ensuring fast action with minimal drag even in low winter temperatures below 0°C.Special additives help keep your post's o-rings and seals smooth and reduce wear.Suitable for all BikeYoke droppers.Quantity:250ml (sufficient for several complete services of your BikeYoke support)Scope of delivery:1x BikeYoke Sanguine

REVIVE 272 - Service Kit
Service kit for 100hr Service (readjusting play and replacing wiper).Includes:1x Wiper6x Glide pin1x Lower bushing1x Foam ring1x C-clip1x Upper bushingYou can find a video for the 100hr service, when you cklick on following link.Please read and follow the video description.

REVIVE 272 - O-ring kit

REVIVE 272 - lower tube

DIVINE SL / Rascal / REVIVE 272 - dropper cable set
Includes: 1x inner cable, stainless steel, polished, 1700mm (1.1mm diameter) 1x outer cable 1500mm (4.2mm diameter) 2x housing endcap 1x inner cable cable crimpPasst bei: REVIVE 272DIVINE SL / SL RascalTipp:For our posts, we use standard shift cables and housings, which allow easy supply and exchange. Mind, that there are 1.1mm cables (e.g. SRAM) and 1.2mm cables (e.g. Shimano), which will both work with our posts, but require matching housings. Use only quality cables for smooth operation and feel and exchange cable housing together. 

DIVINE SL / Rascal / REVIVE 272 - cable endcap
Includes:1x special outer housing endcap for DIVINE SL/RASCAL/REVIVE272

DIVINE SL / Rascal / REVIVE 272 - cable tool
Includes:1x cable mount tool for DIVINE SL/RascalPasst bei:DIVINE SLDIVINE SL RASCALREVIVE 272

REVIVE / MAX / 272 - Quick Reset Lever
Attaches to your Reset-Hex-Slot instead of the 4mm Allen-Key, secured by an o-ring (included).No more need to grab your 4mm Allen-Key.Insert the Quick-Reset-Lever carefully and completely into the 4mm Allen key slot to not damage the o-ring and to make sure it is secured properly.You can easily engage it with a pull of your finger.Scope of delivery:1x Quick-Reset-LeverFits:REVIVE/REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXREVIVE 272

saddle clamp bolt
Saddle clamp bolt version 2.0 with integrated spherical washer.Our posts use two different lengths*:37mm for the front bolt40mm for the rear boltScope of delivery1x saddle clamp boltCompatible with:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXDIVINEDIVINE SLDIVINE SL RASCAL*measures include head

saddle clamp barrel nut
Includes:1x barrel nut for saddle clamp Fits:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXREVIVE 272DIVINEDIVINE SLDIVINE SL RASCAL

Titanium clamping hardware
Titanium bolt set for the saddle clamp.The bolts and barrel nuts are compatible with all BikeYoke models.This set is not composed of standard parts but is custom-made according to our drawings and specifications.Both the bolts and the barrel nuts are CNC-machined from the high-strength titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and save almost half the weight of the original stainless-steel set.Fits: REVIVEREVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXREVIVE 272DIVINEDIVINE SLDIVINE SL RascalOne set includes:2x Ti-6Al-4V bolt2x Ti-6Al-4V barrel nut

upper saddle clamp
The upper seat clamp is compatible with all BikeYoke seat posts.Version 2.0 is the latest version.Scope of delivery:1x upper seat clampFits with:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXREVIVE 272DIVINE SLDIVINE SL RASCAL

REVIVE / MAX / 272 - lower saddle clamp
Includes:REVIVE/MAX/272 lower saddle clampFits:REVIVEREVIVE MAXREVIVE 272

REVIVE / MAX / 272 - reset leverage kit
Includes:1x Lever axle1x Lever1x Set screw M31x Set screw M41x O-Ring 5x11x O-Ring 6x1Compatible with:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXREVIVE 272

REVIVE / MAX / 272 - valve cap
Includes:1x Stainless steel valve-cap1x O-Ring 3.5x1Fits:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAX

valve core

valve adapter / valve extension
Allows easier access to your dropper valve for shock-pumps with short valve heads. Also works with any other schrader-valved fork/shock/post.Scope of delivery:1x valve adapter