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2X-Remote - spare part paddle
Replacement paddle for 2X-Remote.Compatible with:2X-RemoteIncludes:1x paddle

Triggy / Triggy Alpha - cable tensioner
The tensioner is a spare part for your Triggy, Triggy X or Triggy Alphascope of delivery:tension screw incl. spring

Triggy / Triggy X - spare paddle
Replacement paddle for mounting on the Triggy / Triggy X main body.Compatible with:Triggy (not Triggy Alpha) all model yearsTriggy X (not Triggy Alpha) all model yearsIncludes:paddleM4 grub screw

Triggy Alpha - spare paddle
Replacement paddle for mounting on the Triggy Alpha. Available in short and long.Compatible with:Triggy AlphaIncludes:paddlecable clamping screw

Triggy Alpha - center body
compatible with:Triggy Alphaincludes:Triggy Alpha center bodyo-ring 8x1

Triggy Alpha - paddle bolt
Compatible with:Triggy AlphaIncludes:Triggy Alpha paddle bolt

Triggy Alpha - clamping screw
Clamping screw for Triggy Alphaconsisting of:M4x6 screw (ISO 4762)M4 washer (DIN 125 A)

set screw M4
includes:1x set screw M4x0.7x5

REVIVE / MAX / DIVINE - dropper cable set Premium
New friction-optimized premium cable set for cable-operated seatposts.The new cable-wire combination with a 3 mm outer housing and a 0.9 mm wire allows for easier routing through the frame. Moreover, the significantly lower friction between the outer housing and the inner cable ensures even smoother actuation of the seatpost, which is particularly beneficial in case of tight loops/radii (e.g. when routing the cable through the headset).The Premium seat post cable set can be used with all standard cable-operated seatposts.Note: The cable set is not suitable for use as a shift cable.Includes:1x Inner cable, stainless steel, polished and coated, 1800mm (diameter 0.9 mm) 1x Outer housing 1600mm (diameter 3 mm) 2x End cap for outer housing 1x Crimp end cap for inner cable Fits:  REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0 / REVIVE 3.0REVIVE MAX / REVIVE MAX 2.0 / REVIVE MAX 3.0DIVINE

REVIVE / MAX / DIVINE - dropper cable set
Seatpost cable set for Bikeyoke seatposts with foot unit.Scope of delivery:1x inner cable, stainless steel, polished, 1700mm (1.1mm diameter)1x outer cable 1500mm (4.2mm diameter)2x housing endcap1x inner cable cable crimpFits: REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXDIVINETipp:For our posts, we use standard shift cables and housings, which allow easy supply and exchange.Mind, that there are 1.1mm cables (e.g. SRAM) and 1.2mm cables (e.g. Shimano), which will both work with our posts, but require matching housings.Attenton:Does not fit DIVINE SL, DIVINE SL Rascal und REVIVE 272 

REVIVE / MAX / DIVINE - cable clamp
Cable clamp to actuate our REVIVE and DIVINE posts.Includes:1x Cable clamp body1x Set screw DIN 913 M4x5Fits:REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0REVIVE MAXDIVINE2X-RemoteTipp:This item is identical to cable clamps that are used on other posts, e.g. KS (Kindshock) LEV Integra.