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BikeYoke shock pump 500
Shock Pump 500With a maximum of 500psi, this pump allows higher pressures than most other pumps on the market.Ideal for your dropper seatpost or high pressure shocks.We suggest to use in combination with our valve adapter for easy attachment.Features:High quality aluminum body with the ability to handle extra high pressure - up to 500psiTwo-step valve prevents air loss when disconnecting from dropper, fork or shockLong stroke design for less pump effortRelease button allows precise pressure reductionRecommended pressures for BikeYoke droppers:REVIVE & REVIVE MAX: 250psi (maximum pressure = 260psi)DIVINE & DIVINE SL: 300psi (maximum pressure = 350psi)

Dropper Goo - suspension grease - 30ml
Multi-purpose grease for vario-seatposts, suspension forks and shocks.The special additives help to prevent corrosion when used regularly and keeps seals and wipers supple.We use this grease in our production, and it is suitable for all BikeYoke seat posts.Quantity:30ml (sufficient for about 5 services)Scope of delivery:1x BikeYoke Dropper Goo

Sanguine - dropper fluid - 250ml
BikeYoke Sanguine is designed specifically for the use in BikeYoke seat posts.The formula reduces friction, ensuring fast action with minimal drag even in low winter temperatures below 0°C.Special additives help keep your post's o-rings and seals smooth and reduce wear.Suitable for all BikeYoke droppers.Quantity:250ml (sufficient for several complete services of your BikeYoke support)Scope of delivery:1x BikeYoke Sanguine

DIVINE SL / Rascal / REVIVE 272 - cable tool
Includes:1x cable mount tool for DIVINE SL/RascalPasst bei:DIVINE SLDIVINE SL RASCALREVIVE 272

valve adapter / valve extension
Allows easier access to your dropper valve for shock-pumps with short valve heads. Also works with any other schrader-valved fork/shock/post.Scope of delivery:1x valve adapter