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Product information 2X-Remote
Product number: 2X

Our 2X-Remote is used when you do not have the option of mounting a Triggy below your left brake lever due to a lock-out remote for your suspension or because of a shifter. 

Thanks to its clever clip-on design, it can be easily clipped over the handlebars without having to remove the grips or brake-levers. Its flip-flop design also allows many different mounting options, either to the right or left side of the handlebars. 

The clamp body is made of a special polymer and aluminum, while the paddle is made of 100% 6061 aluminum. And to give your bike a stylish look, the lever has a nice protective anodized surface and a fine black BikeYoke branding.

The 2X lever is compatible with all cable-operated seat posts available on the market and has a 10 mm cable pull.  

Scope of delivery: 

  • 1x 2X remote lever 
  • 1x shift cable 
  • 1x shift cable end cap 
  • 1x cable clamp