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DeHy Reverb C1 (MY 2020- )


back in stock 13 Jun 2024

remote clamp / adapter
Product information DeHy Reverb C1 (MY 2020- )
Product number: DEHYC1-0-0

Our DeHy C1 Kit allows you to optimize ergonomics and reliability of your Reverb Stealth, by replacing the bulky original hydraulic remote with a standard cable actuation.

After conversion, your Reverb can be actuated by one of our standard cable remotes or by any other cable remote with enough cable pull. DeHy requires about 9mm of cable pull for maximum speed, which all of our remotes provide.

DeHy C1 is compatible with the latest generation of Reverb (Reverb C1), which was introduced in summer 2019.

Attention: Only compatible with the  much more common standard hydraulic hose connector. Not compatible with the more rare Connectamajic versions of the Reverb C1.

You can easily spot the difference between older versions of Reverb and the current C1.
C1 has a "reverb" logo on the upper tube whereas older versions B1 or A1/A2 have a "ROCKSHOX" logo (B1) or no logo at all (A1/A2).

Installation is fairly easy, since it does not require any opening of the post´s internal hydraulics. You simply need to take off the original hydraulic hose and replace the lower unit with our DeHy assembly and install the shift cable and remote for actuation.

Another benefit is the availability and pricing of spare parts. In case of a damaged or ripped cable after a crash, you can easily find a shift cable and outer housing in basically any local bike shop nearby, whereas it is going to be hard to find an immediate replacement of the original hydraulic hose and fittings.

Compared to the original "Connectamajic" quick-connect hose, our DeHy saves quite some build height, which can be very useful in many cases to get some extra seatpost insertion into the seat tube.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x full CNC aluminum DeHy assembly unit for Reverb Stealth C1
  • 1x outer housing 1600mm
  • 1x inner cable 1800mm
  • 2x endcap for outer housing
  • 1x squeeze endcap for inner cable
  • 1x barrel cable clamp for inner wire
  • 1x remote (optional)
  • 1x Splits-clamp or I-Spec Adapter (optional)