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Modefixxer PRO II - Canyon Strive 2019-2023


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Product information Modefixxer PRO II - Canyon Strive 2019-2023
Product number: MFPROII

This little device replaces the Shapeshifter unit from your model year 2019-2023 Canyon Strive (first generation Strive with Shapeshifter).

Compared to the original Modefixxer DH, our PRO II Version offers not only one, but two adjustable lengths, which allow two different geometries for your Strive.

Even though the Shapeshifter is the main feature of Canyon´s Strive, there are several reasons, why you would want to replace it with the Modefixxer:

  1. No potential gas spring defects.
  2. Two geometry modes: DH-Mode and new TR-Mode, which adjusts your geometry in the middle between original DH-Mode and XC-Mode.
  3. Clean looks due to remote and cable removal.
  4. Weigth saving: Approximately 130g to 150g, depending on original remote housing lenth.
  5. No suspension/play in the Shapshifter gas spring.
Modefixxer is simply installed as a substitute to your original Shapeshifter unit.