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REVIVE 3.0 - silver ltd.

Product information REVIVE 3.0 - silver ltd.
Product number: REVT-LTD-125-309

The REVIVE 3.0 silver ltd. is a special edition limited to 250 units.

The new REVIVE 3.0 is the latest evolution of our flagship model, benefitting from already very successful 10 years of experience with its predecessors. We didn't touch anything proven, and so the famed reliable and buttery smooth hydraulic system remains untouched, yet we have succeeded in making our multiple award-winner even better. 

The most important features and highlights of REVIVE 3.0 include:

  • new saddle clamps for a 5mm lower stack height
  • a new 360° rotatable foot unit shortens the overall length of the seat post by further 10 mm
  • new slide-on cable barrel for easier installation
  • new BikeYoke cables (3mm housing + 0.9mm polished and coated stainless wire)
  • travel reduction in 5mm increments (4x5mm spacer included)
  • 3D-forged, one-piece upper tube for increased stiffness and strength
  • redesigned actuation linkage for imprived feel and feedback
  • two-piece saddle bolts with integrated conical washers for easier saddle mounting

The Revive 3.0 is available in four different lengths, all of which allowing for infinitely adjustable drop. Its extremely short stack height helps to maximize the drop on your bike. The low overall weight and the unrivaled smoothness, even under cold temperatures, should also be highlighted.

If you are right in between two sizes, you may opt for the longer one, as the drop, and thus the overall length of the post can be reduced using 5mm spacers. This allows you to get the most of the available drop without the need to opt for a shorter version.

Although all our remotes will work with the REVIVE THREE, we recommend our Triggy Alpha long for light and defined, actuation due to its longer paddle. 

REVIVE THREE includes:

  • 1x REVIVE THREE seatpost
  • 1x cable housing 1600mm
  • 1x inner wire 1800mm
  • 1x cable barrel
  • 2x housing endcap
  • 1x cable crimp
  • 1x air valve adapter
  • 1x Quick-Reset-Lever
  • 4x 5mm travel adjust spacer
  • 1x remote (optional)
  • 1x BikeYoke I-spec adapter or Splits Clamp (optional)
  • 1 set titanium saddle bolts and nuts (optional)


The overall length of the REVIVE 3.0 was reduced by 15 mm compared to the previous model

The reset function allows you to bleed the seatpost within seconds to eliminate vertical play.

Air that can accumulate in the cartridge is removed by resetting the seatpost.

Size Guide

Our size guide will help you determine the optimum length of your BikeYoke dropper seatpost to maximize the possible drop that you can use on your bike.

How to measure?
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